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We recently received a request from Herbert asking if we could help find a video tutorial which explains how to crochet the bead stitch. I was able to locate a great video tutorial which shows you how to crochet the stitch and uses U.S. Crochet Terminology.

The video was filmed as part of a CAL (Crochet Along) with Laura from Happy Berry Crochet. This video clearly demonstrates how to crochet the bead stitch and is very easy to follow. This version of the bead stitch is crocheted using a half double crochet and the bead stitch is worked around the post of the previous stitch. I love the finished effect of the wrapped stitch.

Stitch Pattern Lookup Bead Stitch

Bead Stitch Tutorial

When searching online, I found another type of bead stitch being used in crochet. This bead stitch is completely different in the way it looks and the way it is crocheted.

You can try this version by checking out this bead stitch photo tutorial from Crochetn’Crafts:

Bead Stitch Tutorial CrochetnCrafts

The above photo tutorial show shows you how to crochet the bead stitch one way, I’ve also found a few online which demonstrate the same technique, but the repeat the * to ** part of the instructions I have written out below an additional time. So where as Crochetn’Crafts repeats from * to ** one more time, they repeat * to ** two more times which makes the bead bit a little bigger.

Bead Stitch: Insert hook into the specified stitch, or space and yarn over and pull up 1 loop, * yarn over and pull through the first loop on your hook**.  Repeat from * to ** two more times. Yarn over and pull through the remaining two loops on your hook. The ‘bead’ you created needs to be positioned on the right side of your work so be sure to give it a little nudge if it is not going where it is supposed to be going. The bead stitch is usually followed by a single crochet stitch in the next stitch.


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