Make this Basic Winter Cardigan Crochet Pattern In Your Size!

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I have been receiving a lot of requests for basic sweater and cardigan crochet patterns that you can make in any size and I have located a fantastic Video Tutorial online for you to watch!

SimplyHookedCrochet has released a YouTube Video tutorial which will teach you, step-by-step, how to make a Basic Crochet Winter Cardigan. This Cardigan design is based on your own specific dimensions.  She shows you how to make each stitch and explains, as she works her cardigan, how you can work your own to your measurements. She also provides a written copy of the pattern for purchase on Etsy for a nominal fee ($2.00 at the time of this post) if you would prefer to have it written down in hand, instead of watching it as a free video pattern.

I am very impressed by both the video and audio quality. She’s done an excellent job making this video and the design seems to be one which will suit many people and occasions.

Watch her Basic Winter Cardigan Video here:

Subscribe to her YouTube Channel >HERE<

Get the $2.00 PDF from SHCPatterns on Etsy >HERE<


Free Video Pattern for a Basic Cardigan PIN

To the best of my knowledge this design is an original pattern by this Designer.


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