Soles for Crocheted Shoes

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This week we received a pattern lookup request for soles for crocheted shoes. This post includes links to free patterns for crocheted shoes and slippers with flip flop soles.

I’ve also included links to tutorials for making different types of soles you can add to your crocheted slippers.

Soles for Crocheted Shoes and Slippers

  • flip flop soles
  • felt soles
  • leather soles
  • plarn soles (plastic yarn)
  • soles made from floor mats
  • sheepskin soles
  • braided soles
  • suede soles
  • braided fabric soles
  • espadrille soles from braided rope

If you would like to purchase soles for crocheted slippers, they are available from this fantastic shop on Etsy:

Joes Toes

Her soles are already punched and sized, so all you need to do is crochet into them!

She has the following types of soles available:

  • wool felt
  • vegan
  • VIBRAM rubber soles
  • Suede Leather

Crocheted Jute Soles Pattern

There is also this great pattern to make crocheted jute soles. This pattern is available from Mamachee’s Pattern Shop here: Crocheted Jute Soles in 14 sizes

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Toddler Boat Slippers - Make and DO Crew

Toddler Flip Flop Boat Shoes Pattern

Toddler shoe sizes 5-6, 7-8, 9-10

Make a pair of durable flip flop boat shoes for your toddlers with this free pattern and detailed tutorial from Make & Do Crew.

Crochet Flip Flop Slipper Pattern

Crochet Slippers with Flip Flop Soles

Women’s Sizes 6-10

Make a great pair of flip flop soled slippers to wear around inside and outside!


Seaside Slip-ons Crocheted Shoes

Women’s Sizes 5-12

This is one of my favorites from Make & Do Crew.

Also linked in her post are 3 of her other flip flop soled crochet slipper patterns.


How to Add Soles to Your Crocheted Slippers

This fantastic tutorial shows you how to quickly and easily add leather soles to your crocheted slippers.

Tutorial to add Felt Insoles or Slippers

How to Add a Felt Sole to Your Slipper

This tutorial shows you how to add a felt insole into your crocheted slippers.

How to Make Soles for Your Slippers

Of Dreams and Seams found a vintage shoe making book and has created tutorials to demonstrate many techniques to make soles for your shoes and slippers.

She begins by teaching you how to make a 4 strand braid and then shows you how to make them into slipper soles for your crocheted slippers.

4-strand braid video tutorial

Making Shoe Soles Part 1 a > 4-strand braided soles

Making Shoes Soles Part 1 b  > making a heal on braided soles

Making Shoe Soles Part 2  > how to glue and awl your soles

Making Shoe Soles Part 3 > fabric wrapped and loop crocheted soles

Making Shoe Soles Part 4  > braided fabric soles and rope soles

Making Shoe Soles Part 5  > espadrille soles from braided rope

How To Add a Suede Soles

This step-by-step video tutorial was created as a supplement to a Knitting Book called The Knitted Slipper Book. The video shows you how easy it is to create and attach suede soles. You could use this for felt, or leather if you prefer!

How to Make Slipper Soles from Floor Mats

Learn how to make slipper soles for your crocheted slippers from floor mats!

How to Make Plarn Soles

This video tutorial will teach you how to make slipper soles out of plastic bag yarn.

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  1. I have been looking for a book such as this, Rhondda! Your review answered all the questions I was thinking to ask as I was reading about the book. I am so happy to read of the many options there are that, “don’t include flip-flops!” I need a copy of this book!

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