Super Easy Crochet Table Runner

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Looking for a fun project that will add a touch of charm to your dining table? Look no further than this Super Easy Crochet Table Runner! With its quick working pattern featuring the Puff Stitch and Double Crochet Three Together Stitch, you’ll have a beautiful textured finish in no time.

Super Easy Crochet Table Runner FREE Pattern and Video Tutorial

This table runner isn’t just easy to make – it’s also incredibly versatile. Customize the size to fit your table perfectly, and switch up the colors to match the changing seasons. Plus, it makes a thoughtful and unique gift for any occasion!

So grab your hooks and yarn, and get ready to create a stunning crochet table runner that will impress your guests and add a special touch to your home decor.

Make a Super Easy Crochet Table Runner!

Learn how to make this Super Easy Table Runner with the free pattern and video tutorial from Raji’s Craft Hobby.

The stitch multiple is made over a multiple of 3 stitches. You can easily customize the size, both the width and the length, to make a project in any size you wish.

The table runner is crocheted widthwise in rows.

Materials Used:

  • 4 Ply Cotton Knitting Yarn
  • 4 mm Crochet Hook


  • Base – 8 inches – Customizable to any size
  • Length – Customizable to any size

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Watch the Video Tutorial Below:

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