10 Crochet Stitch Pattern Videos You’ll Want to Save For Later!

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This week our Featured Collection includes 10 crochet stitch pattern video tutorials. You will find the Suzette Stitch, Mini Bean Stitch, Crocodile Stitch, Shell Stitch, Zig Zag Puff Stitch, Puffed Flower Star Stitch (which reminds me of a Jasmine Stitch), Star Stitch, Chinese Puzzle Stitch and the Knit-Look Garter Stitch. Each video tutorial is available on YouTube and you can watch the entire collection right here on YouTube: 10 Crochet Stitch Pattern Videos You’ll Want to Save For Later! Or browse through the videos individually below.

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To the best of my knowledge each of these designs are original patterns by these Designers; or they have been used with the original Designer’s express permission. 

10 Crochet Video Tutorials - Stitch Patterns To save for later

10 Crochet Stitch Pattern Videos You’ll Want to Save for Later!

10 Crochet Stitch Pattern Videos You'll Want to Save For Later! Click to Tweet

How To Crochet the Suzette Stitch: Beginner Friendly Tutorial – Make & Do Crew

How To: Crochet The Mini Bean Stitch – Easy Tutorial – Hopeful Honey


How to Crochet: Crocodile Stitch – Tamara Kelly

How to Crochet the Shell Stitch – B.hooked Crochet

Zig Zag Puff Stitch – Crochet Tutorial – Meladora’s Creations for Crochet

Puffed Flower Star Stitch – naztazia

How to Crochet the Star Stitch – Oombawka Design

Chinese Puzzle Stitch Video Tutorial – Oombawka Design

9 How to Make the Feather and Fan Crochet Stitch – Alexis Middleton

10 How to Crochet the Knit-Look Garter Stitch – Jennifer Pionk


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