Teal Tempest Wave Blanket

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Dive into the world of coziness with our easy crochet ripple blanket pattern – the Teal Tempest blanket – accessible for beginners but interesting enough to keep experienced crocheters engaged.

Perfect for all skill levels, with written instructions and a helpful video tutorial.

Crochet the Teal Tempest Wave Blanket: Perfect for All Skill Levels!

Key Features:

✨ Easy-Level Crochet Pattern – accessible for Beginners!

✨ Utilizes Basic Crochet Stitches – Simple and Accessible!

✨ Includes written-out gauge swatch instructions.

✨ Includes the stitch multiple needed to create the blanket in any size and any yarn

✨ Video Tutorial Link – Additional Assistance at Your Fingertips!

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Get cozy with the Teal Tempest blanket! 🌊 Perfect for beginners and engaging for pros. Pattern and video tutorial available. #crochetblanket #crochetlove #DIY

Watch the Video Tutorial Below:

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