Virus Blanket Crochet Patterns

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The Virus Blanket Crochet Pattern is just one of the projects you can create using the famous virus crochet stitch.

You can find many patterns available online using different virus stitches. Some are available for purchase and others are available for free. In this post I have provided you with as many written free Virus Blanket Crochet Patterns as I could find.

Create something beautiful with one of these Virus Crochet Stitch Patterns! This versatile stitch is perfect for making a variety of items, from blankets to accessories. With clear, step-by-step video tutorials, creating something unique with this stitch has never been easier. Add a unique touch to your projects and make something stunning with one of these Virus Crochet Stitch Patterns today!

Free Crochet Virus Blanket Patterns

This crochet stitch pattern became popular back in 2016 when Jonna Martinez released her first Virus Blanket Crochet Pattern and Video tutorial.

It is very likely though that this stitch pattern has been around for many more years than that…floating about under different names and being crocheted by people from around the world. Just like the good old granny square that has been around for generations.

Virus Crochet Stitch Patterns are worked like granny squares, around a center block. They grow larger with each round worked.

If you would like to make something using this stitch, you are in luck because there are so many video tutorials available online that will walk you through making the stitch in rounds, rows, triangles and even in rectangles.

Free Virus Blanket Crochet Patterns

  1. The original free Virus Blanket Pattern
  2. Virus Blanket Mutation Pattern – Virus (sort of) Blanket
  3. 5 Sided Star Virus Blanket Pattern
  4. Textured Virus Blanket Pattern
  5. Straight Virus Blanket Pattern
  6. Diagonal Virus Blanket Pattern
  7. Virus Shawl Pattern
  8. Mutated Virus Shawl
  9. Fluffy Meringue Stitch Baby Blanket
  10. Virus Bag Pattern
  11. Virus Doily
  12. Virus Poncho Pattern
  13. Virus Poncho Crochet Pattern
  14. Virus Crochet Shawl Pattern

Free Virus Blanket and Virus Stitch Video Tutorials

Virus Blanket

Jonna Martinez

How to Crochet the Virus Shawl

Bella Coco

Crochet Rectangle Virus Blanket

Jonna Martinez

Virus Shawl

Jonna Martinez

Virus shawl crochet tutorial

part 1 – 4


Download the free Chart

Virus Stitch Crochet Tutorial

Part 1 (Square) – Jade Lilly Crochet

Crochet Virus Blanket

Kiku Crochet

Crochet “The Virus Shawl” Tutorial

Fiber Spider

Crochet Virus Shawl Tutorial


How to: Virus Shawl / Scarf Crochet Tutorial

Robin Sparkles

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