10 Crochet Tips And Tricks You Need to Save For Later

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I truly believe crochet is an ever evolving hobby and because it is a Hobby we should enjoy what we do. There are tutorials and techniques available online to help us learn more about crochet and to expand our crochet knowledge. In today’s Free Tutorial Collection I have located 10 great Video Tutorials which share tips & techniques you may want to learn more about. By watching this collection of videos you will learn:

  • How to Figure out Stitch Multiples and Pattern Repeats
  • How to Crochet With One Hand (in case of an injury)
  • How to Make the Magic Knot (Joining Yarn Ends)
  • How to Make the Russian Join (Joining Yarn Ends)
  • How to Calculate Gauge – I can see you all groaning on this one but it truly is a necessary evil if we want our crocheted items to fit –
  • How to Weave in Your Yarn Ends
  • 10 Crochet Tips & Tricks
  • How to Read Crochet Chart Symbols Working in Rows
  • How to Read Crochet Chart Symbols Working in Rounds
  • How to Join Your Afghan Squares and Granny Squares together (5 different joining techniques)

If you would like to watch this Collection on YouTube please visit: 10 Crochet Tips & Tricks You Need to Save for Later

If you would like to take the free afghan class (from Tip #6 below) from KnitPicks please visit: Beginner Crochet Blanket Class

For Crochet Gauge Tools please see: Gauge Swatch Tool and  Mix and match Mini Tools for Knitting, Spinning and Crochet

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10 Crochet Tips & Tricks You Need to Save for Later!

To the best of my knowledge each of these designs are original patterns by these Designers; or they have been used with the original Designer’s express permission. 

10 Crochet Tips & Tricks You Need to Save For Later

Crochet: How to Figure out Multiples Stitch Repeats – The Crochet Crowd

Learn How to Crochet with Just One Hand – One Handed Challenge – naztazia

How To: The Magic Knot (Yarn Join) – Easy Tutorial – HopefulHoney

BASICS: The Russian Join | Bella Coco

Calculating Crochet Gauge – Marly Bird

Get gauge tools HERE

Beginner Crochet Blanket Class: Part 9: Weaving In Yarn Tails – KnitPicks

Take this Class!

7  DIY Tutorial – Top 10 Crochet Tips and Tricks from Donna Wolfe from Naztazia

Reading Crochet Chart Symbol: Basics, Tips and Tricks – Marly Bird

How to Read Crochet Diagrams – The Crochet Crowd

10 5 Ways to Attach Granny Squares – Fuad Azmat / YARNutopia by Nadia

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