10 Popular Free Crochet Patterns for Water Bottle Holders – Pattern Lookup

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This is definitely the perfect season to crochet and to carry water bottle holders! Gloria submitted a pattern lookup request for a Water Bottle Crochet Holder to crochet and I searched online to find some of the most popular patterns available. This collection includes 10 popular free crochet patterns you can crochet to make water bottle holders or water bottle cozies.

Some of these water bottle holders have long straps you can carry over your shoulder and one even has a short handle you can unbutton to attach your holder to another bag or item (like a baby stroller!) – super smart idea for those of us who are already juggling 2 or 3 bags!

I have included a variety of designs below – from simple and straightforward to more difficult designs that are really pretty and would make great gifts! Photo tutorials and video tutorials are available for some of these designs and noted below.

Take a look at the adorable sock monkey cozy and the Popsicle one too! If your child doesn’t want to carry their own – one of these adorable options might be a great choice because of the cuteness factor!

The yarns used in the projects vary from DK weight to Medium Weight Yarns and I’ve included this in the descriptions below to help you decide which pattern you want to try first :)

10 Popular and Free Crochet Patterns for Water Bottle Holders

10 Popular Free Crochet Patterns for Water Bottle Holders

1 Water Bottle Sling by Jessie Rayot

Quick and easy project to crochet with DK weight yarn and a 3.75 mm (L) hook. It fits the average 16 oz water bottle.

Water Bottle Cozy by Katie’s Crochet Goodies

Great summer project for a water bottle cozy you can carry over your shoulder. Crocheted with worsted weight cotton yarn and a 5.75 mm (I) hook.

Sock Monkey Water Bottle cozy by Sara Sach

Have a little fun with your water! Make this adorable sock monkey water bottle cozy and have your children want to carry their water ‘all by themselves’! Crocheted with medium weight yarn and a 5.0 mm (H) hook. A video tutorial is now available too.

Stainless Steel Water Bottle Sling by Tamara Kelly

A great option for those carrying a larger stainless steel water bottle is this sling design. Crocheted with medium weight yarn and a 5.5 mm (I) hook. The photo tutorial link has been submitted to our Free Crochet Tutorials Directory here: Stainless Steel Water Bottle Sling Tutorial.

Lemon Water Bottle Cozy by Sara Sach

Very easy cozy design in two sizes. You will find a pattern for a 16 oz cozy and a 20 oz cozy with different strap lengths. Crocheted with medium weight cotton yarn and a 5.0 mm (H) hook this free pattern also has a supportive video tutorial available!

Crocheted Water Bottle Holder by Erica Dietz

This easy to crochet design uses less than one ball of cotton yarn (worsted weight) and a 5.0 mm (H) hook. The strap length is easily adjusted to make this holder perfect for all members of the family.

Diamond Mesh Bottle Holder by Meladoras Creations

This pretty and distinctively different Diamond Mesh Bottle Holder design is crocheted with 2-ply US or 5-ply Aus Cotton Yarn and a 5.0 mm (H) hook. Photo supportive is provided in the post and both a left handed and right handed video tutorial is available.

Lacy Shell Water Bottle Holder by Rhelena’s Crochet Patterns

Pretty design with shell stitches, this crochet project requires medium weight yarn and a 5.0 mm (H) crochet hook. Fits a 500 mL Plastic Nestle Water Bottle.

“Chasing Chevrons” Coffee & Water Bottle Cozies by Jennifer Pionk

Available as a Free PDF download, the Chasing Chevron’s Coffee and Water Bottle Cozies Pattern Pack are designed to Fit Standard Size Coffee Mugs, Travel mugs & Up to a 20 oz Bottle. The yarn used for the projects is medium weight.

10 Little Sweet Treats Pocket Bag by Heidi Yates

This cute little pocket bag measures 6.5″ tall by 4.5″ wide and the handle unbuttons so you can attach it to a bag or to the matching Sweet Treats Tote Bag (premium pattern). This is a the perfect size for little hands or for anyone who doesn’t want to juggle multiple bags and straps because you can attach it directly to another item – even a baby stroller!


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