Crochet Mug Cover Patterns

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These crochet Mug Cover Patterns will help you make great quick gifts for friends and family.

Mug Covers are fantastic patterns to try when you are new to crochet.

These free patterns will let you practise your crochet stitches with a small size project. You invest less time to make the item and get to practise your crocheting skills.

It is gratifying to be able to complete a gift quickly, or to use the finished item that you made.

Free Crochet Mug Cover Patterns for Beginners

For this pattern look-up request we are going to focus on beginner level and easy patterns using worsted weight yarn.

Pattern Look-Up Request: Mug Covers
Yarn: Worsted Weight / Medium Weight
Requested by: Diana

Notes: beginner crochet patterns

Another great way to practise crochet stitches is with Crochet Dishcloth patterns. We have a couple collections for dishcloths right here: 9 Inch Dishcloths and 8 Inch Dishcloths.

Beginner and Easy Level Crochet Patterns for Free Mug Cover Patterns! Great Gift Ideas! Click to Tweet
Free Crochet Mug Cover Patterns for Beginners Make Great Gifts!

Crochet Mug Cover Patterns

Grumpy Octopus Coffee Cup Cozy by Twinkie Chan

Christmas Tree Coffee Cozy by Tamara Kelly

Little Tree Coffee Cup Cozy by Amy Ramnarine

4 Valentine’s Day Mug Cozy by Rebecca Langford

5 Candy Hearts Cup Cozy by Fiber Flux / Jennifer Dickerson

Crooked Coffee Cozy by Danyel Pink

Coffee Cozi With Dog bone and Pawprint Appliques by Sara Sach

Crunch Stitch Mug Cozy by Rhelena’s Crochet Patterns

Brain Waves Coffee Cozy by Liz McQueen

10 Coffee Cup Cozy by American Crochet

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