The Latest from Free Crochet Tutorials & Patterns

Whether you’re a beginner looking to learn, or an expert wanting to stay on top of the latest trends, nothing beats the feeling of starting a new project. Last week, Free Crochet Tutorials & Patterns released a number of free tutorials and free crochet patterns that are sure to inspire you!

The Latest from Free Crochet Tutorials & Patterns

Discover a stunning collection of light weight and lacy scarves and small summer shawls that you can easily crochet. With various blends of yarn and patterns catered for cotton lovers as well, you'll have endless options to showcase your creativity and style.

Light and Lacy Scarves: Free Crochet Patterns

Get ready to add an extra touch of springtime fun to your home with these easy-to-follow free crochet Peep patterns!

Crochet Peep Patterns

🌟 These Crochet Star blankets are just what you need to stay snuggly and stylish. Perfect for your little ones or as a chic shawl.💗 Choose from 19 unique patterns and start your journey to coziness today. Don't forget to check out the 6 Day Star pattern.🧶

Crochet Star Blanket Patterns

Seed Stitch Photo Tutorial

How to Crochet the Seed Stitch

Griddle Stitch Tutorial (Lemon Peel Stitch) Washcloth Pattern. #washclothcal

Griddle Stitch Washcloth Pattern

This post is for all you folks searching for a free crochet pattern to make your favorite Christmas Villain the Grinch. Included in this collection is an adorable amigurumi Max too!

15 Free Grinch Crochet Patterns to Get You in the Holiday Spirit

Get creative and craft your own Agent Perry inspired Platypus with free patterns! Choose from a variety of colors to get the perfect platypus pal. Follow these simple instructions and make your very own Perry the Platypus in no time!

Craft Your Own Agent Perry The Platypus with Free Patterns

Make your kid's dreams come true with these easy-to-follow free Snorlax crochet patterns! Start stitching up a cuddly Pokémon in no time with one of these free amigurumi patterns.

Free Snorlax Crochet Patterns