Magic Ring Crochet Tutorial

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When you are starting your projects in the round, for items like amigurumi, hats, mittens and slippers you may need to use a magic ring.

Magic Ring Tutorial

The magic ring is a technique that crocheters use to create a loop of yarn to crochet over. This allows us to create a closed circle and then to increase the number of stitches we work in each round to make the circle larger.

There are many different names for the magic ring and a handful of different ways to make your ring. They can be a bit tricky at first to understand but once you get it, working in the round becomes much easier and the top of your projects will have a tighter closed circle with less bulk than if you worked over a chain ring.

Magic Ring Crochet Tutorial

If you prefer working from a photo tutorial, please view my magic ring photo tutorial here.

I created a How to Crochet Beginner Series on my site many years ago and learning how to crochet a magic ring was one of the lessons. The video tutorial works you through the process from start to finish.

  • Learn how to crochet the magic ring
  • How I reinforce the initial magic ring by weaving in my yarn end

How to Start your Project without a Magic Ring

Still struggling? if you need to take a break from learning how to make a magic ring, you can try one of these other ways to begin your project in the round.

You Don’t Have to Use a Magic Ring Photo and Video Tutorials

Or Try the Double Magic Ring (my favorite way to start!)

This crochet technique is the most secure way to start your projects in the round and it works for all yarn types, including thread!

I have included a step-by-step photo tutorial and a video tutorial in my post here.

The Magic Ring is also known as:

  • magic loop,
  • adjustable ring,
  • adjustable loop,
  • adjustable magic loop
  • adjustable magic ring
  • magic adjustable ring

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Watch the Video Tutorial Below:

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