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Reversible Crochet Hats

Pattern Look-Up Request: Reversible Crochet Hats Notes: reversible crochet hat, two colors, adult large, with video tutorial Requested by: Katrina Reversible Crochet Hats 1 Reversible Spiral Beehive Unisex Hat by bobwilson123 2 Reversible Ribbed Spiral Unisex Hat by bobwilson123 3 Reversing the Beanie by Katherine Eng at Red Heart 4 Moroccan Midnight Slouch Hat 6 Reversible Strands for Men (and Women, too!) by Nancy Smith 7 Pinwheel…
Owl Crochet Patterns

Owl Crochet Patterns

Pattern Look-Up Request: Crochet Owl Patterns Notes: owl basket, owl baby cocoon, baby (0-12 months) Requested by: Gaetane Owl Crochet Patterns 1 It’s a Hoot Owl Container by Michele Wilcox at Red Heart Yarns 2 Bonbon the owl by Heidi Yates 3 Willow’s Fanciful Feathers Basket by Sheri Weber 4 Who’s Sleepy Owl Afghan by Lion Brand Yarn 5 Nesting Rainbow owls by Moji-Moji Design 6 Whoo’s…


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Learn All About Crochet Ridge Stitches

Crochet Ridge Stitches

Pattern Look-Up Request: Crochet Ridge Stitches Requested by: Kimberly   Ridge Stitches are a great way to create texture in your crochet project. When you work ridge stitches, you work into a different loop of the stitch than you do when you crochet basic crochet stitches. Normally when we crochet, we work under the Front and Back Loops (the “v”…
Simple Socks You Can Crochet

Simple Socks You Can Crochet

Pattern Look-Up Request: Simple Socks for Women Requested by: Diana Here are ten free patterns for crochet socks. I have included options with video tutorials, as well as, socks in skill levels from beginner to intermediate. If you have never made a pair of socks before I recommend starting with the first sock pattern (1) below because there…
6 Inch Afghan Squares Free Patterns

6 Inch Afghan Blocks

Pattern Look-Up Request: 6 Inch Afghan Blocks Here are ten free patterns for 6 Inch Afghan Blocks. You can crochet these as dishcloths too! Practise new stitches and pattern techniques with small projects. It is a fantastic way to expand your crochet skills!   6 Inch Afghan Blocks   1  A Star in the Sky 6 Inch…
10 Tutorials for Traditional Granny Squares

Tutorials for Traditional Granny Squares

Pattern Look-Up Request: Traditional Granny Squares Requested By: Crystal N   Here are ten tutorials for Traditional Granny Squares:   Tutorials for Traditional Granny Squares 1 Granny Square Dishcloth Tutorial by Oombawka Design 2 Crochet Granny Square Tutorial by bobwilson123 3 The Solid Granny Square  Tutorial (with video) by Tamara Kelly 4 Multi Colored Granny Square Tutorial by Moogly 5 Log Cabin Granny Tutorial by Joanita…
8 Inch Squares for Blankets and Dishcloths freecrochettutorials.com

8 Inch Squares for Blankets and Dishcloths

Pattern Look-Up Request: 8 Inch Squares for Afghans, Blankets and Dishcloths   8 Inch Squares For Blankets and Dishcloths! 1 Simplest Shell Stitch Square by Oombawka Design 2 Stormy Seas Square by Oombawka Design 3 Double Wave Stitch Square by Oombawka Design 4 Zig Zag Lozenge Stitch Square by Oombawka Design 5 Waffle Stitch Square by The Stitchin’ Mommy…