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10 Baby Dresses with Free Crochet Video Instructions

Baby Dresses with Video Tutorials

Pattern Look-Up Request: Baby Dresses –  Video Tutorials with a Written Pattern Option (free or premium) 10 Video Tutorials for Baby Dresses 1 How To Crochet An Easy Shell Stitch Baby Girl’s Dress – Wooly Wonders Crochet The video shows you…

10 Easy and Free Women’s Hat Patterns

Pattern Look-Up Request: Easy Women’s Hats Notes: medium weight yarn Requested by: Fran Easy Women’s Hats If you are searching for an easy basic beanie pattern please see these posts: Simple Double Crochet Beanie Crochet Hat Free Pattern 10 Easy and Free…
Pattern Search Completed Bun Hat with Puff Stitch and Decreases

Puff Stitch Bun Hat with Decreases

Pattern Look-Up Request: Puff Stitch Bun Hat with Decreases Notes: decrease puff stitch version Requested by: Ruth Looking for a great bun hat to make for friends and family this year? This free crochet pattern with video tutorial is fitted to the shape…

Reversible Crochet Hats

Pattern Look-Up Request: Reversible Crochet Hats Notes: reversible crochet hat, two colors, adult large, with video tutorial Requested by: Katrina Reversible Crochet Hats 1 Reversible Spiral Beehive Unisex Hat by bobwilson123 2 Reversible Ribbed Spiral Unisex Hat by bobwilson123 3 Reversing the Beanie by Katherine Eng at Red Heart…
Owl Crochet Patterns

Owl Crochet Patterns

Pattern Look-Up Request: Crochet Owl Patterns Notes: owl basket, owl baby cocoon, baby (0-12 months) Requested by: Gaetane Owl Crochet Patterns 1 It’s a Hoot Owl Container by Michele Wilcox at Red Heart Yarns 2 Bonbon the owl by Heidi Yates 3 Willow’s Fanciful Feathers Basket by…


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Learn All About Crochet Ridge Stitches

Crochet Ridge Stitches

Pattern Look-Up Request: Crochet Ridge Stitches Requested by: Kimberly   Ridge Stitches are a great way to create texture in your crochet project. When you work ridge stitches, you work into a different loop of the stitch than you do when you crochet basic…
Simple Socks You Can Crochet

Simple Socks You Can Crochet

Pattern Look-Up Request: Simple Socks for Women Requested by: Diana Here are ten free patterns for crochet socks. I have included options with video tutorials, as well as, socks in skill levels from beginner to intermediate. If you have never made a pair…
6 Inch Afghan Squares Free Patterns

6 Inch Afghan Blocks

Pattern Look-Up Request: 6 Inch Afghan Blocks Here are ten free patterns for 6 Inch Afghan Blocks. You can crochet these as dishcloths too! Practise new stitches and pattern techniques with small projects. It is a fantastic way to expand your crochet…
10 Tutorials for Traditional Granny Squares

Tutorials for Traditional Granny Squares

Pattern Look-Up Request: Traditional Granny Squares Requested By: Crystal N   Here are ten tutorials for Traditional Granny Squares:   Tutorials for Traditional Granny Squares 1 Granny Square Dishcloth Tutorial by Oombawka Design 2 Crochet Granny Square Tutorial by bobwilson123 3 The Solid Granny Square  Tutorial (with…